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Looking for a scarf that goes well with red fur - and black and brown and pink

Furries outside Hermes on Boylston Street

Anusha Cicchetti caught a cavalcade of furries on Boylston Street today, here for the annual Anthro New England convention at the Park Plaza.

The line to get into Hermes, or just a stroll down Boylston Street, actually stretched all the way down the block:

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The last time the Furies rode the subway was during the cult classic movie The Warriors.

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Hoo-boy, rattling that old skeleton. I remember when that movie was pulled from theaters because it was somehow inciting riots or riot-like behavior. Looking back at it now that foolish joke of a movie could't incite a nursery school. Those ridiculous outfits and hairdos. The prancing around. I forget the theater in Boston where the trouble happened, but I think it was the one where the Emerson Cutler Majestic is now.

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Still less cringe than “Straight pride” parades.

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2,570 attended the convention including me and $25,700 at least was raised for
ALS society and New Eng Assistance Dogs.Fun time.We return in a year.

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honestly, furries get so much shit, and yet they carry on being a warm, friendly, and positive community. that's awesome your charity drive did so well. hope y'all had a great weekend.

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New England Cannabis Convention at the Hynes, expecting 21,000 attendees.

Comic Con Northeast at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, estimating 32,000 attendees.

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Correction: the event at the BCEC is FanExpo Boston, which is a different company than the ones that run Comic-Cons. San Diego Comic Con is run by a corporate entity under the same name (that also runs Wondercon) and the various other corporate Comic Cons, including NYCC, Emerald City, etc, is run by Reedpop. Reedpop also runs the PAX family of cons, which is also coming up here at the BCEC under PAX East, and has around 50k attendees.

There's also Anime Boston in April, ~20k attendees.

Nerddom's gotten popular!

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A cannabis convention in a city that doesnt have a dispensary?

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It would be very hard to spread flu or covid-19 with that much fabric on your face.

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Is this a volunteer sign up event for the Bernie Sanders campaign?

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The movement is inclusive.

Although the level of cosplay is on the level with one of Emperor Zero's rallies.

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you'd prefer polo shirts and tiki torches?

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