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Madison Park High School gets forested

Giant woods murals part 1

Big-canvas artist Nate Swain shows us the creation story of the new forest mural he just installed on a side of Madison Park Vocational High School on Malcolm X Boulevard in Roxbury - which started seven years ago when he began the mural at the giant art studio that briefly lived at the old Bartlett bus depot in Roxbury.



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But at least it has a nice mural.


Who proposed and paid for the mural?

Bet it has nothing to do with the school budget.

Oh, but I see - "those" people need to be "punished" all the more by having an ugly shitty school without any free murals. Sure. We all know what that's about.

"those" people


an ugly shitty school

My comment was this school is one of the lowest performing schools in Boston but at least it has a nice Mural now.
I didn't say anything about the budget or who paid for the mural for "those people".. but you did.

...who comes to parties and then pisses in the punch bowl.

But thanks for weighing in.

...the person who pisses in the punch bowl.

Performing schools in Boston but now has a nice mural is pissing in the punch bowl...I guess I am.

Thank you, Nate Swain!

Perhaps, some students will be inspired by this gorgeous display of public art and the work and persistence that went into creating it.

Just to set the record straight no one paid for this mural. I gave it as a gift to Madison School and Boston. I asked my friend who works at the school if I can hang it and he said yes. It's also a gift to myself because I love seeing it installed rather than folded up collecting dust. Many of my art pieces that are up all around Boston I created, installed and paid for but that's ok with me because they are projects I wanted to do on my own terms. When someone asks me to make a art project that's different.
I feel extremely lucky to be able to do the art that I do and not have to get paid every time. I also feel extremely lucky to be making a modest living and surviving as an artist in such an expensive city.
Thanks Adam for sharing this project.


Thanks for creating it and thanks for displaying it. Boston needs more public art like this!