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Man hit and killed by Red Line train at Porter Square

Transit Police report a man jumped in front of an inbound Red Line train around 4:15 p.m. Foul play is not suspected.

Shuttle buses replaced trains between Alewife and Harvard.

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So sad. I wish there was technology invented to allow trains to get a sensor sound off loudly and stop the train in enough time to avoid someone making such suicidal decisions to get hit. Seems we have technology to locate the best parking space, order any type of food, buy a knock off of a newly launched Nike. But notability to create the technology to stop trains in time to save a life and get the person help.

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Subways in many countries make it impossible to jump on the tracks. Suicide barriers, where the train doors have to line up with doors in walls along the track.


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Trains have a lot of mass. They can't stop instantly, and even if they could, it could seriously hurt the passengers.

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