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Man tries to jump from top of Brighton garage; cops stop him

Boston Police report three officers were able to grab and hold onto a man they say was about to jump from a ledge atop a sixth-floor ledge at a parking garage at 5 Guest St. Friday night.

Police say officers arrived around 9:30 p.m. on a report of a man threatening to jump:

When officers responded to the roof of the parking garage, located on the 6th floor of the building, officers observed an individual, a male in his twenties, jump over a fence on the top of the building that enabled him to stand on and gain access to the ledge of the garage. When officers got closer, the man yelled that he was going to harm himself. Officers did their best to persuade and convince the man to come back over the fence, but when he began to move away from the ledge, officers immediately and instinctively moved in and grabbed him. Three officers were able to hold on to and secure the man until they were able to pull him back over the fence to safety.

The man was eventually turned over to EMS for transport to a local hospital for observation, police say.

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I'm not finding fault with the coverage of the horrific Christmas Day parking garage double murder suicide but wonder if that coverage alone will launch copycats for those who hadn't thought of this method of suicide before. Obviously, the loss of life and possible garage design flaws are newsworthy. That said, there are suicide attempts going on daily throughout Greater Boston (and the world) that are intentionally not covered. Ask any Trooper assigned to the Tobin Bridge. Sadly, these attempts (many successful) happen weekly if not daily. For the mentally healthy, a parking garage is a convenient place to park. For those struggling with the demons of mental illness (20+% of US population), it's a diving platform. Hopefully the coverage leads to changes in the building codes for garages above a certain height. That goes for malls, courthouses and any other open air balconies where jumping (or tossing of others) have become an easily foreseeable issue.

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Activists are demanding that parking garage operators institute security patrols , better signage, barriers etc to prevent further tragedies. Meanwhile managers and the Transit Police shrug the shoulders and respond "No Mas" when asked how they can prevent the weekly tragic deaths that occur on MBTA property.

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