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Roxbury man who served five years on a crack conviction now faces ten years on a gun charge

A man arrested by Boston Police on gun charges after gunfire on Mission Hill in April now faces up to ten years in federal prison because, as a convicted felon, he wasn't supposed to ever possess a gun again, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

Tevin Abercrombie, 25, was released from federal prison in May, 2019, after serving a sentence for his role in a crack-distribution ring.

On April 16 of this year, while on the federal equivalent of parole, Abercrombie and another man were arrested on Mission Hill. Boston Police reported, officers responding to a report that men walking down Halleck Street on Mission Hill had just been shot at repeatedly spotted Abercrombie and another man in a car matching a witness description nearby and found a loaded gun under Abercrombie's seat.

Police charged both men with a variety of gun offenses.

Federal officials arrested him a few days later for allegedly violating the conditions of his "supervised release," court records show.

A judge in US District Court then denied his request to be released to await the outcome of his case due to Covid-19 concerns, ruling he presented no evidence that the asthma he claimed was particularly severe and that he was too much of a potential menace to society to be allowed out.

Innocent, etc.

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He would of been in work

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Help me to understand this now, His latest arrest was by Boston police for firearm. In custody.

This is where it gets a little murky.

Then, a few days later he was arrested by federal Authorities.

So was he release after being charged with a firearm and then later picked up by federal authorities. Or was he in custody and federal authorities picked him up while he was in custody later?

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Do we question if there is anything that could have been done more outside the box when he was in prison so that he wouldn"t come out and do something stupid to put him right back in? Or is he just another victim of his environment and peers by age 5 and not able to nurture nature?

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Joins the Latin Kings with asthma but claims to be too weak for prison, lol

bye bye

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