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Marriott Long Wharf scheduled to re-open tomorrow

The Globe has a long piece about hotels and the local tourism bureau pressing the state to let them resume hosting events and conferences, which they say is safe because we now know what we didn't in the last week of February when the Marriott Long Wharf hosted what we know now was our first super spreader. Speaking of the Long Wharf, the Globe notes way down in the story that it's scheduled to re-open tomorrow.



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they didn't decide to rename the place.

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The Marriott Superspreader? The Marriott Biogen Debacle?

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The Marriott King Tide?
The Marriott Short Wharf?
Marriott Boston Harbor?

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I think this is an opportunity for them to develop another sub-brand. They have Courtyard by Marriott, they have Marriott Extended Stay.

Now - I think it is the time for: Marriott Biosphere at Long Wharf

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If only there were other states out west like in the south or CA we could look to to see how relaxing restrictions and opening indoor dining and events affected infection and hospitalization numbers.

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California was being responsible, but got torpedoed by irresponsible neighboring states.

The other states you refer to opened things quickly with deliberately bad data or falsified data and are continuing to operate on bad faith.

MA has a pretty tight system going by comparison, and we have opened much more slowly.

If the state does not make good on promises to open based on continually improving metrics, then we will all be screwed because the entire system depends on people behaving themselves - and people won't do that if the system is abandoned mid stream because somebody says BUT WAIT CALIFORNIA BLAH.

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It seems that they were dubbed a super spread site because the European attendees had the good sense to get tested when they felt sick, so when they told colleagues, the colleagues getting sick already knew the cause of developing illnesses.

The reality seems to be that this was circulating in Boston long before the Marriott, but our leaders were telling us there was no need to be tested or concerned.

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Yes, it looks like the virus may have been circulating in Boston before this event (but from European sources, not China). However, this event was caused by some of the people who flew in from Europe.

And then it became a mini-super spreader in Norwood when somebody who attended it attended a party there, although that one seemed to have died out thanks to quick action by town officials (who themselves made up some of the first cases).

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