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Maskless asshole spits on food in Cambridge convenience store

Cambridge Police report that around 7 p.m. on Thursday, a man without a mask on walked into a market on Monsignor O'Brien Highway:

When asked to wear his mask he became upset and said, "you guys want germs." He then spit on food causing $80.00 worth of damage.

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I knew it: we’re surrounded by maskholes.


The one time I saw a mask tantrum (thrown at a Costco door employee), it drew sufficient negative attention from others as to end the toddler-level brat's fit and send her packing. (Working class dude: Hey Karen! Smile for the camera!)


It’s just an allusion.

This reminds me about something that happened to me while in line for half-priced tickets at the Times Square TKTS booth. It was probably 1991-1992 or so and cold. This annoying and obnoxious woman was right behind me.

The rest will have to wait til another time.


and misread "$80.00" as "$8,000." Was briefly mind-boggled by the amount of saliva and time that would take, along with the quantity of groceries — Wagyu beef? These days, I have to wrap my head around so many strange but true stories.


I can't think of any other grocery store on O'Brien Highway. It's not the kind of street where you'd find a neighborhood bodega or a 7-Eleven.

The Star Market is in Somerville, on the McGrath Highway. Cambridge Police would not be responding there under normal circumstances.

Part of the parking lot is in Cambridge, but all of the buildings in that mall are in Somerville.

What they wrote was:

"On 9/24/2020, an employee of a Cambridge convenience store reports ..." with an address listed only as Msgr. O'Brien Highway.

Maybe it was the Shell station next to the old tropical fish store? That has a convenience store.

That's nothing. I have to see this every day. Zonked out of their mind ranting babble at the top of their lungs without masks outside my window where I work as a security guard Downtown. You don't need cable TV. Just watch from my view and it's nonstop free entertainment. Who wants to approach them and get infected with this deadly virus?

But shitbags can vandalize entire cities and as long as they have masks on they’re not assholes???


Even the most extreme demonstrations and unrest and looting, anywhere in the USA in recent times, have been limited to a few city blocks. In no case is anyone "vandalizing entire cities"

And of course you know that perfectly well, but, like a good soldier, you are catapulting your movement's propaganda narrative, because objective truth isn't what matters to you.


Entire cities, huh?


Wow. Keep chugging, honey.

Have you ever set foot outside of Boston? Ever set foot in a city? In recent times?

You sound like the friends of a certain ex-cop who flocked to FB to tell people living in Medford how dangerous the mean streets of our city were and got mad when we all laughed at them.

I own property in Portland and have three friends who live within a two blocks of that courthouse to tell me what was really going on. You are a gullible victim of your own paranoia.