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Mattapan state rep will make bid for House speakership

The State House News Service reports that state Rep. Russell Holmes of Mattapan will put his name up as a candidate for speaker of the house after Bob DeLeo leaves, rather than just letting state Rep. Rob Mariano of Quincy walk into the position.

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Russell Holmes, another terrible cookie cutter politician. Guy sits on like half a dozen board of directors, and caters to only the pearl clutching, bible thumpers in his district. No time to meet with real constituents and see what is going on in his district at ground level. Gt another board meeting to go to guys! Gee making hundreds of thousands a year sure is swell! Cop bootlicker who wants to keep weed illegal and just keep jailing people for it.
Guy is too old school, he should consider himself lucky to even hold elected office. Continually baffled at how he wins elections.

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Wild idea, but is it possible that those "pearl clutching, bible thumpers in his district" are, you know, "real constituents"? And they vote for him? Which is how he wins elections?

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Lot of power voters who are also deeply religious out there in this town.

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Not actually a fan of Rep. Holmes per se but we deserve an open, transparent process for this, even if the end result is still the same.

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Unfortunately fair and open process are about as common as snow in July at the State House. According to the Globe, his minion and enforcer 74 year old Ronald Mariano from Quincy has already gathered more than enough votes to become the next speaker.

Deleo may be leaving but his legacy of cronyism and bullying will likely be around for a long time.

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This word doesn't seem to have a lot of meaning in Beacon Hill.

. we deserve an open, transparent process for this

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Who has led the fight for police reform. I believe his sister was falsely arrested and beaten by police at Nubian Square.

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Magoo here. Sorry ‘bout the absence. Magoo has been busy doing things that Magoo does do. Anywho, Magoo recommends starting a ballot initiative to change this tomfoolery and put in robust transparent processes. Who’s with Magoo. Magoo.

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I always enjoy your superb performance in "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol" this time each year. Have a heaping helping of razzleberry dressing on me.

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I'm 20 feet from Mattapan.
No dog in this race. Stil...
Speakerof the House? Can'tgo muchhigher

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Oh, no.

The real question is, what will this mean for the Ways and Means Chairperson, who tied his future to DeLeo, after previously tying his future to the previous speaker of the house?


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