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Maverick Square to get a new ferry dock

Mayor Walsh today announced a temporary ferry dock will be install at Lewis Mall, next to the Maverick Square T stop, this summer, with a permanent dock to come next summer.

Once installed, the temporary dock will be accessible to water taxis, with the city looking at a pilot scheduled ferry service across the harbor.

Improvements to the Lewis Mall dock will make the existing underutilized dock both ADA-accessible and usable by the ferries and water taxis that serve other destinations in Boston's inner harbor. The dock improvements will also provide new lighting and areas for passengers. The project includes modifying the existing timber pier to improve resiliency and reduce the chance of flooding during a coastal storm.

Massport and MassDOT are working with the city on the plans.



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Compared to the Blue Line, which gets you from Maverick into downtown (State, Gov Ctr) in about 10 minutes, including waiting.

Not sure if there's demand to Charlestown or other ferry-accessible non-downtown locations.

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Yeah, but could we use it when the Blue Line is a shitshow this summer?

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It's not going to be a ferry stop. It will be a water taxi stop. $15 one way. Not a viable option for most East Boston residents, although the residents of all the new waterfront condo's will be happy.

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Given that the Blue Line will be out of commission on weekends for some of the summer this might actually be welcomed.

However, normally it doesn't make much sense to have a more expensive boat going across the harbor right above the Blue Line tunnel under the harbor. Would make more sense to put a dock at a location further from a Blue line stop (like behind Shaws in Central Square) going to other locations not as quickly reached by T as Aquarium/Long Wharf is. A useful water-taxi system that might get you around inner harbor spots like Chelsea, Charlestown, Everett, Assembly Row/Amelia Earhart Dam out to downtown waterfront, Airport, Seaport, Southie and Dorchester/Neponset might actually get used (while the weather is decent at least).

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Will the ferry in fact be running on weekends when the Blue Line is not?

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Especially ferries that go from East Boston to the Seaport. It takes less than 10 minutes to get from maverick or jeffries point to the seaport via the existing water taxi, but it is expensive and doesn't run on a regular schedule. I'd never drive to the seaport again if there was a regular ferry. Downtown ferries make less sense imho, except when the blue line is down as it will be a number of weekends this summer and fall.

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Any mode of public transportation can’t hurt. If some people don’t want to use it they have other options. A ferry isn’t a bad thing you may sayers. Or maybe we could all drive. Or Uber. Amirite?

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Maverick +/- is good enough for the tugboats.

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More infrastructure for the gentrifiers!

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