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MBTA to begin striping bus-only lanes in front of the Museum of Science next week

Workers on Tuesday will begin putting down stripes on Charles River Dam Road in preparation for bus-only lanes for the buses that will replace the Green Line between North Station and Lechmere for a year while parts of the current Lechmere Viaduct is torn down and then moved as part of the Green Line Extension into Somerville.

Beginning Sunday, May 24, Charles River Dam Road will include all-day, bus-only lanes in both directions. In addition to MBTA buses, professionally driven coaches, shuttle buses, and emergency vehicles will be allowed to fully access the bus lanes. Dedicated bicycle lanes installed on Charles River Dam Road last year will remain in place and fully operational for the duration of the bus replacement service. In addition to preserving the existing bicycle and pedestrian accommodations, the design will maintain three vehicular travel lanes: one in the Boston-bound direction and two in the direction of Cambridge.


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Woohoo! Now let's get some bus lanes along all of Mass Ave before all the cars come back!

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Fine with me, as long as the bus lanes don't make the buses SLOWER, like the recent lanes through MIT.

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.... Southwest Corridor Extension, PLEASE!!

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I'm a little surprised by this decision, given that the inbound direction is more congestion-prone and tends to have long queues. Outbound has always been somewhat lighter. I would have expected 2 inbound lanes and 1 outbound.

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Yikes. Automobiles now have to slow down and cross two lanes of moving traffic to turn into the Museum of Science? They must LOVE that.

Whatever. I must be one of the rare people who never had a problem cycling here.

I can only imagine how dreadfully dull the replacement viaduct will be.
No homeless, no movie bombs....

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NOT replaced, but the new track alignment support structure heading to the new Lechmere station will not have similar charm as the old viaduct.

Craigie Dam, BTW.

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