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MBTA bus inspector dies of coronavirus

Andrew Wong

The Amalgamated Transit Union today announced the death, due to Covid-19, of Andrew Wong of Quincy, an inspector who worked out of the Southampton bus depot.

Wong, 57, who died this past Sunday, had been a T employee, and member of the union's Local 589, also known as the Boston Carmen's Union, since 1998.

He was also an active participant in a Facebook group dedicated to photos of Boston-area public transit. In his memory, another participant went out today and wrote "Thanks 589" and "Be Safe 589" in chalk at several area bus stops.

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The Southampton bus depot is adjacent to the Transit Police headquarters. The rumor going around is that several police officers have also tested positive. This is where the Transit Police lodge prisoners and one has to wonder if the facility should be closed for the duration of the crisis.

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Heartbreaking. Rest In Peace.

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RIP, Andrew.

This should not have happened. It's disgusting that Trump and his minions did little or nothing to prevent this from getting so out of control when he could've and should've.

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