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MBTA cancels public meetings on various projects tonight

The MBTA announced this morning it's cancelled meetings tonight on the Better Bus Project at the Bolling Building in Roxbury, the Green Line Extension at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge and a "public engagement" meeting at the Framingham Public Library, "out of an abundance of caution" over, well, you can guess what.



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I'll remember this when I'm packed cheek to jowl on the Orange Line going home tonight.

Last night at rush hour there was an individual sitting in a frozen position on one of the benches at Oak Grove. Went down to tell an employee who told me they (T employees) were not allowed to touch anyone. Said OK, went back and spoke to the person until they responded. I wonder if the edict not to touch anyone is a result of the virus or just a long-standing T policy. Do T employees carry narcan?

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Which no one attends meanwhile the homeless and addicts suffering from a variety of viruses are living in the rest rooms and tunnels on the MBTA. The Transit Police are afraid to remove them because the hospitals and shelters are overcrowded and there is no room at the inn.

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