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Meat OK on Fridays for rest of Lent, Archdiocese says

In a letter to parishioners, the Archdiocese of Boston says they can eat meat on Fridays because of Covid-19 circumstances:

One of the effects of the current events is uncertainty regarding what food products are available on any given day. At this time, we are called to make the best of what we have at hand or is available for purchase. Many people are using what they have stored in their freezers and on their shelves. Others are depending upon pre-packaged meals or food delivered through support agencies, which are providing an important service for individuals and families in our communities, especially for children and our senior citizens.

In light of these circumstances, Cardinal Seán is dispensing all Catholics in the Archdiocese from the obligation of abstaining from meat during the remaining Fridays of Lent.



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Adam, thank you thank you thank you for getting the headline right on this unlike at least three other news articles I've read this morning.
I keep seeing idiot editors in different parts of the country take a reasonable concisearticle or press release or bishop's statement like this one and head for left field with a headline like "Bishop tells people: You've Sacrificed Enough"

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... a rabbi tells us it's OK to eat bread on Passover.

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In the future when Catholic prelates state that the RC Church never changes this will be another example of how even Rome and its affiliates will alter their rules. But then that has been true for years. In the 19th century the Roman catechism validated judicial execution as an acceptable exception to the Commandment against killing. I learned that from reading a catechism that was published in the early 1900s.

There is hope that even one of the oldest of Christian denominations will wake up from their sleep and realize that the limitations of the Middle Ages were contrary to reality then and are contrary to reality and what is good today.

Maybe Rome will finally take the lead in jettisoning some of the dead baggage from its Middle Age identity.

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