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Members of Massachusetts congressional delegation back vote by mail

WBUR reports. You can guess the reason why.

Interesting fact for supporters of Orange Julius Caesar: The military has used vote by mail since the Civil War.




I'm sorry for the following all caps but;


Once that happens then the Constitution is meaningless.

We are in real danger of losing the country, folks.

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No one wants to be the person who makes it harder for our service members to vote.

Also while the military has people of all political stripes, on the balance they tend to vote conservative and conservative politicians don't want to disenfranchise their own voters. Just those "other" voters.

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Good one! I haven't seen one of those around in some time.

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namely: "[I]f you’d ever agreed to [Democratic proposals to expand voting access, including vote-by-mail], you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again."

He's right, of course, which is why you won't see it this year, or any year, if the GOP has anything to say about it.

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"It's dismal," said Rosemary Rodriguez, who works for the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission, a non-partisan group. "These are the voters that are in some cases preserving our liberties and out there with their lives on the line. Rodriguez estimates that in the last general election, only about 30 percent of overseas military ballots were actually returned and counted. -- CNN.com 2008

I'm glad someone cited the military's efforts to vote by mail which have been "dismal" according to the Latina spokeswoman for a non-partisan group. Even CNN has covered it. President Trump should simply ask CNN if they stand by their reporting or will they pull the 2008 story in order to hide the facts?

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According to your research, what percentage of the US population currently votes by mail aside from military and absentee ballots?

a. 2%
b. 0%
c. 18%
d. 40%

How long has the entire population of at least one state voted by mail for all elections:
a. 2 years
b. 5 years
c. 10 years
d. 22 years

Not that you have any idea how the APO system works to get ballots in from global locations ... (HINT: it is a bit different from just dropping your ballot at the local post office)

ANSWERS: c - OR,WA,CA,CO and HI; d - OR went mail only in 1998

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according to the Latina spokeswoman

Why do you cite her ethnic background when she's Latina, when you never do that for any other spokesperson. Hmm.

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Again - why is the person who made racial comments on a murdered BLS alum's story still here?

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You realize that's a quote about the 2004 election, right? Surely no one's surprised George W. Bush's administration did a bad job counting mail-in ballots (and let's remember, there were certainly plenty of controversies about counting in-person ballots, lest we forget Ohio + Diebold shenanigans). How about some numbers from an election in the last decade?

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the Latina spokeswoman


Time you were kicked to the curb, mutt.

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the number was 53% in 2018.
BTW the state of Washington had 70 % plus turnout in 2018 all by mail

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Republicans won too. I live across the street from my polling place and always get there early avoiding any crowds,

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