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Theaters in Somerville and Arlington turn off the projectors; Somerville theater also cancels live events

The Somerville and Capitol Theatres announced tonight they're closing until at least April 3 due to Covid-19 concerns.

We plan to reopen as soon as reasonably possible, though that likely depends on factors beyond our control. Please be safe and we look forward to providing your big screen needs in the future.

If you are one of the handful of patrons that pre-purchased tickets to any movie previously scheduled in the next few weeks, please call us for a refund; we will be staffing our phone line at the Somerville and the Capitol this Monday and Tuesday, March 16th-17th from 12-5 pm. The Somerville's number is 617-625-4088; the Capitol's number is 781-648-6022.

For our Somerville live event patrons: If you purchased a live event ticket for an upcoming concert through our box office, you will be able to get a refund in person when we reopen. You have up to a year to get your refund. If you purchased a live event ticket for an upcoming concert through Ticketmaster online or phone, those tickets will be automatically refunded in the next few days as their system processes each cancellation.

Brattle and Coolidge Corner theatres closing, but will continue to pay workers.



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