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Museum of Science lays off or furloughs two-thirds of its staff

Greg Cook reports that with no more money coming in from visitors due to the Covid-19 shutdown, the museum has laid off 122 and furloughed another 250.



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I love that place! I guess with schools out it's considered non-essential. That's sad.

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as stated in the linked article.

Every major museum in Boston and Cambridge simultaneously announced on that day that they were closing, either immediately or by the end of the following weekend.

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should have stayed open, due to rebellion and tyranny and what not.

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Memo to da Mayah and da Gov

If you keep with the shutdown until the last person with COVID-19 is well and there are no more cases -- you will wake-up to a City of Boston fit for only one function -- as a Set for a Movie on the COVID-19 Pandemic's aftermath!

Think of your Boston with a disabled if not moribund:


etc., etc.........

Every One of our World Class Cultural Institutions [which are a major reason why people who chose to can live and work anywhere chose the Boston Region as a place to deploy their talents and skills] will be part of the Mothball Fleet if not worse.

Your current policies will solve at least three problems:

  1. No more traffic jams -- no one needing to drive to work
  2. No shortage of housing for anyone who wants to keep living here
  3. No place to Park the Tourist Buses -- no tourists

In short you are heading into uncharted territory filled with hidden dangers -- a Greater Boston -- a bit like New Orleans after Katrina's waters drained off -- also drained of people --- and worse -- also drained of its Life Force

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