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Nearing peak Boston right here

Dunks license plate on a Porsche on Beacon Hill

That license plate on that car on Beacon Hill, parked in front of a handicap ramp. It was cold, so Ryan didn't stick around to see if the driver came back double-fisting iced coffees and wearing cargo shorts with a Sox cap on.

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Could be a sneaker head or Duncan MaccLeod of the clan MaccLeod.

A coffee, a cruller and a couple of Parliments...


When it's cold, a water bottle (or cup of dunks) on the windshield will let the driver know that their parking is not appreciated.


(since a trip and fall accident in September that required emergency surgery on both knees) I have ZERO tolerance for people who stop, stand, park their cars, or otherwise block access to curb ramps (which aren't solely for wheelchair access), bus stops, crosswalks, or sidewalks, and have expressed as much to several people since my accident. Pulling this crap should be approached with as much disdain and collective frowning-upon as those who illegally park their cars in handicapped spaces and abuse HP placards. Also, the fines for violations should be increased significantly and be standardized, as bus stop and ramp blocking can impede or completely block handicap access. The current fine for illegally parking in a HP/DV space in Boston is a paltry $120, I would propose something in the $500 range as a deterrent and extend that to apply to all ADA access issues.


Neal, sorry about your fall. Get well soon. Scofflaws like this would have to be towed to get the message. I don't think a fine would matter to most of the Beacon Hill crowd or anyone in or near the 1%. Someone like this probably accumulates more tickets than a UPS truck in the North End. Once a year when it's time to renew the DUNKS plate, any outstanding tickets are probably paid with a quick swipe of the corporate credit card and written off as "parking" on the taxes. Or if he's that rich, forget the write-off and just pay it as the price of convenience. At least towing would inconvenience them for a couple of hours and that's probably more punishment than any fine. I agree that fines should be raised and a strong, well publicized crackdown on HP parking abuse should be launched, with prosecutions and loss of license.


I’ll sometimes pick up litter off the sidewalk and put it under their windshield wiper. Win-win.

A few slices of ham or bread laid out on the hood of the car would make a nice feast for local pigeons and squirrels

That's a $200k car. It's probably the franchisee.

Theres an old Globe article behind a paywall about the family empire that owns TONS of stores in New England and theres even a reference to custom plates on their high end cars.


I remember that article. They were standing in front of Boston Harbor Hotel for the photo

That’s probably Wyc Grousbeck’s car as he lives in that building. Therefore a basketball dunk reference.

I’ve seen him get into his orange mclaren parked in the same spot.

"He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty Boy!"

RIP, Terry Jones


"Ryan didn't stick around to see if the driver came back double-fisting iced coffees and wearing cargo shorts with a Sox cap on."

this is your best work yet!

I really think it's because people don't think, maybe signs are in order?
Once wheeling mom to the hospital in her wheelchair and a nurse was talking to her friends in a car parked right in front of the ramp. She could see me with mom and wheel chair and didn't even put two and two together. I had to go down a ways to get to the next available ramp. I made sure to mention it to the head nurse on the floor my mom went to.

this crap drives me crazy. When I see people navigating by themselves in motorized wheelchairs, I think of all the obstacles they must face. This is one that should never happen.

Ya, it hits a nerve with me because it's just plain selfishness.

People would definitely start giving a shit about handicapped people if we'd just put up some signs.