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Never mind the yellow snow, East Boston had to deal with yellow water today

Complaints have been flooding into BWSC today about yellow water in East Boston. Around 4 p.m., BWSC reported it had dispatched crews:

We are currently flushing hydrants to clear out discolored water. We thank you for your patience.

Around 6:30 p.m., BWSC added:

While the water is safe. We would suggest that you run it until clear. We have crews in the area to continue flushing hydrants.

Unanswered is why the water was yellow to begin with, but it could be iron.

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This isn't the first time this has happened in the past year.

I get that it's still safe, but not saying what is actually causing the problem is a little disconcerting. You'll notice their account specifically didn't answer that question.

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at least in my past experience in Somerville. Weird to hear it being described as a solution. I wonder if this means there was some other work being done that disturbed the rust lining the pipes, and they're flushing hydrants as a way of letting out all the discolored water?

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