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New Red Line car defaced before the T could even finish painting it

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Roving UHub photographer Jed Hresko spotted one of the new Red Line cars all tagged up today in the Cabot Yard in South Boston - before the T could even finish applying red paint to the bottom third of the car's side.



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Hang these punks by their Buster Browns!


A crew of taggers managed to enter a secure facility and vandalize new trains. Someone has some explaining to do. It's really sad that the Transit Police had no knowledge of the vandalism until Jed took photos.


How many taggers in a "crew"? Seems like this could have been done by as little as one to three people - one actual tagger and maybe a lookout or two.

...especially if it was at night when that area is full of parked trains so there would be a lot of cover.

Secure facility? A chain link fence. Maybe some barbed wire and a gate? No - not "secure"


I would have assumed when I hit this age I would disapprove of stuff like this, but I miss when bombing was more prevalent and respect the tenacity. *NP Co Flow


How appropriate. I'm glad this happened. MBTA sucks.


You do realize that its your tax money that pays for these cars and their upkeep?

Make me wish there was a downvote button on this site. Responding to the anon, that is.

But wouldn't you think the cars would be painted at the assembly plant before being delivered to the T?


I think they're supposed to be painted at the factory. We've seen deliveries of blue & orange line cars that come painted.

Maybe this is only a test car?

The first six pilot cars (the only Red Line cars delivered so far) came direct from China, not Springfield. 4 out of those 6 didn't have the red adhesive applied yet. The production ones from Springfield will come with Red applied (the first six don't have any numbers or T logos applied yet either)


In the other post, someone said these cars still need another trip to the Springfield plant for final outfitting.

They should start pickup passengers now

i.e. The old Broadway Station street car portal. (There is a full tunnel above the station platforms below that runs from the Broadway Bridge to A Street).

Bad show lads. I guess all the 9/11 protect our subways, airports, and vital infrastructure money ran out. Do better.


I think it'd be super cool if the MBTA just embraced spray painting and said- fine, we'll park it in this place every month and allow people to come make art (with windows covered, etc.), and please use the car's color as a dominant color in your design.

It's not realistic, but at least that would make them interesting and like moving art pieces. When graffiti is done well, it can be beautiful.


It can also be beautiful without graffiti.


Should the T also embrace kicking faregates and taking a dump in elevators once a month?


Embrace it?!
I remember enough of the NYCTA in the late 70s through much of the 80s.

If the T was to hold a contest to commission work from graffiti artists, that might work. This, however, is just destruction of public property.

I agree that the random tagging here is just destruction of property. When I said "embrace it", I was imagining embracing actual graffiti art via something like your contest idea :)

Knowing the commonwealth, they would only let a few artists fight for the privilege and it would consist of 1-3 tokens and most from out of town.