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No Open Studios in Newton, Lexington, or Somerville this spring

Artists' organizations in Newton, Lexington, and Somerville have all cancelled their Open Studios events that were scheduled for April and May weekends this year. Lexington's statement explains:

The specific nature of LOS -- built upon guiding hundreds of visitors from location to location, to mix at dozens of homes and institutions across Lexington, makes us an even greater exposure risk than single-site events.

Somerville Open Studios would like to reschedule for July, and Lexington for October, but nobody really knows yet whether these are realistic hopes. Newton does not plan to hold an Open Studios event in 2020 at all anymore.

Disclaimer: I am one of the volunteer webmasters for Somerville Open Studios.

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On the one hand, this is a huge bummer for a lot of artists who look forward to open studios to clear out the backlog of unsold stuff in their attic acquaint potential new buyers with their work.

OTOH, a lot of the facilities necessary to prep for open studios are also closed or have severely reduced their availability, so it was going to be a huge PITA to prep for anyway.

Disclaimer: I have participated in Somerville OS several times, and my partner was going to participate again this year, but our darkroom is closed until at least May, so there was no way we'd have any of the new work ready to show.

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to an unspecified future date: https://www.needhamopenstudios.com/post/postponing-nos-2020

It had been scheduled for the same weekend as Somerville, May 2-3.

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Originally scheduled for May 16-17.
See http://wmos.org/ for their statement.

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A few days ago, the SOS board of directors changed our status from "postponed at least eight weeks" to "cancelled". You can read more at our website, https://SomervilleOpenStudios.org .

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