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No problem getting into town on one of Boston's most overstuffed bus lines this morning

Plenty of seats on the 9 bus

Brett snapped the social distancing on a 9 bus in South Boston this morning:

When colleges are closed and businesses move to work from home - I can finally get a seat (or 20) on the #9 bus during the morning rush hour. Unreal.

Michael Bradford had a similar experience on the Providence Line into Boston this morning; here's his car at 6:30 a.m. in Mansfield, which he reports is usually a lot more full, but was so empty this morning, he was able to grab one of the desirable single seats:

Uncrowded train


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Apart from the fact that some people still need to use the T to get to work, etc, it was very soothing this morning to see buses running, helping to restore a small sense of normalcy after a very stressful day/night.

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I’d be more impressed to see this on the 111

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...he was able to grab one of the desirable single seats

yeah, those are double seats for two people; not for one person and their bag.

- a frustrated fitchburg line commuter

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