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North End dog park reopens, but nobody's going to have a ball

Northendwaterfront.com reports that the Prince Street Dog Park is once again open, but with some new rules - Only ten people are allowed in at a time, they have to stay six feet apart and all the balls and common water bowls have been taken out. Also, don't be piggy at the dog park: If you've been there awhile and there are other people and pets waiting to get in, say your woofy goodbyes and take your leave.



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I wonder, given the usual level of polite compliance that I see with dog rules, if they would do better to give out reservations and codes to open the gate?

Go online, book your 1/2 hour or hour (whatever works) reservation, get a unique code only valid for that time, and punch it in for access. If you don't put in the same code when you leave within a few minutes of your time being up at a location that requires you to be outside the off leash area, then you can't go anymore.

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People without Internet access still have a right to use public parks.

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I am not a dog park user - how long do people typically hang out? I think an issue could be people overstaying their slots - the inbound customers have no way of knowing who to even ask to leave, etc... Maybe this is a non-issue, IDK.

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Actually, not a bad idea. Set it up and let us know how well it works!

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...but if your 30 minutes goes by with no one else in the park and no one waiting to get in, your staying any additional time would result in loss of privileges...

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