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North Station-area burger place shuts after employee tests positive for coronavirus

Tom Holland reports he's shut his two A&B Burgers, one on Beverly and Causeway streets, the other in Beverly, after an employee informed him he or she tested positive for Covid-19.

We are requiring all employees to get tested before returning to work (anyone who doesn’t have insurance will be reimbursed by the company).

We also hired a cleaning company to come in to do a deep cleaning and spraying to fully sanitize both locations.

Our employee who tested positive is asymptomatic and feeling fine, for that we are extremely grateful. So far myself and the others who received their test results back are all negative.

He says he expects the two locations to re-open on June 1 - and that he is paying workers who suddenly don't have a job for several days. He adds the worker who tested positive was last on the job May 19.

Via Boston Restaurant Talk.



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There's a semicolon missing at the end of your & tag (minor, but looks funny).

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Thanks! Maybe I need to break down and install one of those WYSIWYG editors. I hear they're all the rage these days.

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what about my freedom fries I am owed thanks to the Constitution? I demand they reopen so I may (or may not) go there at some point.


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