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Northeastern tells professors they have to teach on campus in the spring

Huntington News reports only a few exceptions will be made, for people who fall into high-risk Covid-19 categories - although Northeastern says age is not one of them - or who live with somebody who is in a high-risk category.




The third act is just getting underway. Hope you enjoyed intermission.


Reality says that this ain't over until it is over.

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“We continue to see little to no evidence of COVID-19 transmission in school settings.” -- MA Education Commissioner Jeff Riley, Boston Herald, October 24, 2020

The election must be here if educators finally admit there's little or no Covid transmission in the schools. There isn't much more that Baker and Walsh can do to trash the economy and help Biden so it's finally time to start picking up the pieces and dealing with reality. Watch now as the Covid panic is gradually relaxed with Baker today threatening any school committees who go all remote. With five more shot in Boston Thursday night, don't be surprised if there's also a renewed call for law and order after 8 pm November 3.

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The article you referenced refers to primary and secondary schools, K - 12.

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Exactly, both NU and BPS are in the same city and have students in the 18-23 range.

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Will somebody please check Fishy's oximeter?

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law and order

There's nothing like dogwhistle racism on a beautiful fall morning.

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