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Norwood town official tests positive for coronavirus that he likely picked up at a local gathering; diagnosis could mean more quarantined people

The town of Norwood reported today that town General Manager Tony Mazzucco, already in self quarantine after attending a benefit party with a Biogen employee later diagnosed with Covid-19 has himself gotten back test results showing he has the virus as well.

All individuals who are considered close contacts with Mazzucco have been notified by public health officials of the need to self-quarantine and have been given appropriate instructions. If you have not been contacted by public health officials about self-quarantining you do not need to self-quarantine.

A "close contact," per CDC, is a person that has been within six feet of a confirmed case for a prolonged period of time, or with direct contact with infectious secretions, while the individual was likely to be infectious.

Mazzucco was one of 29 people who attended the party - to raise money for residents having trouble meeting medical bills - with a resident who works at Biogen who was infected at a company meeting at the Marriott Long Wharf in Boston the last week in February. The resident did not start feeling ill until after the party, the town says.

Also in self quarantine because he attended that party: The town's school superintendent.

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