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Not everybody's rushing to the store

Pile of books

"We hoard differently," Paul Friedmann allows.

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I did the same, sort of. I had books due back but decided...meh, I'll keep them a bit.

On the other hand, god bless my Kindle. They've definitely been more generous about releasing Lucky Day e-books.

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Cambridge Public Library is closed until at least March 29.

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Princess Pink! Coming from a school librarian, that's a really great choice!

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If the coronavirus is really what they (they meaning most educated people) say it is, then why the heck is the BPL still open at all? If they are going to remain open, are they sanitizing the public computers after each use? Are they removing chairs so that patrons don't sit too close to their neighbor? Have all the branches received a deep cleaning? Are the librarians and patrons keeping a safe distance from each other at all times? Do all of the branches have an adequate supply of hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes? Can senior citizens and others who may have compromised immune systems successfully avoid being exposed to younger people who are carrying the virus with no idea they even have it and are at an age where they prioritize getting back to their Minecraft and Roblox games on the library computers in a hurry after using the bathroom a lot more than washing their hands long enough to sing Happy Birthday twice? I guess were all about to find out!

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