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Not everything is in short supply at local supermarkets

Tom Brady jerseys for sale at the Hyde Park Shaw's

The Hyde Park Shaw's had plenty of these things the other day.

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and use them for toilet paper?

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for front line workers?

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No one ever called Brady a "sieve".

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I ought to trademark that quick!

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of Brady-themed things, one of those Chowdaheads shirts and a "GOAT" hoodie that cleverly avoid NFL licensing fees. I wore them for playoff games and Super Bowls.

I also have a camo Pat Patriot snapback that a drywall crew member left behind on the last day of the job. (I tried half-heartedly to track him down to give it back, failed.) Inverted, that was my rally cap for the Falcons LI 28-3 comeback, so that's never getting tossed. It passes the Marie Kondo test.

I'll still drag the shirt and hoodie out once in a while; they slip in under my "no visible logos" rule of apparel. It's not like their average frequency of wear is going to go down a whole lot.

Thanks for the memories, Chommy! I hope you make the Bucs fun to watch.

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I was in the Walmart in Biddeford Maine a week ago and they had a whole pop-up SECTION in the front of the store with racks and racks of TB jerseys and shirts and hats.

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