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One of the luckier groups affected by social distancing got a bubble machine

Greg Cook talks to Pete Costello, assistant curator at the Stone Zoo, about caring for animals when visitors are banned:

"Some of the animals are noticing that there are no guests here," Costello says. "They're super focused when the keepers walk by."

Among these are the white-cheeked gibbons. Zoo keepers procured a bubble machine to occupy the apes.


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That's interesting stuff. And here's an interesting article from National Geographic about fake animal memes making the rounds during this crisis. Turns out there were no drunk elephants in China, the swans in the Venice canals are there all the time anyway, and there never were any dolphins in the Venice canals.


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Must have video of the bubble machine.

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I'll contribute to put in a webcam for that, keep me AND the monkeys entertained for weeks.

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Mr Lyon still at the zoo?

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