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Online radio station aimed at black community would be first to be woman-owned

The Daily Free Press introduces us to Danielle Johnson and her Spark-FM Online Radio, which she hopes to launch in April.

Although the station will focus on urban and Caribbean music, it will also feature talk shows on everything from Boston politics and music culture.

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big up ms. hotsauce.

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iHeartRadio switched 97.7 from Urban to this bull*** "rhythmic" format and fired half their staff. In ~ 6th months ratings went from 3.4 to 1.1. WJMN is usually ranked 17th most popular nowadays. And all because they don't feel Boston warrants an urban format.

They got higher rating with WKAF alone last year than they are getting with WJMN and WKAF combined right now. This station is sorely needed.

There are 400k black people in the Boston area and not one legal station catering to blacks. Largest such gap in this country.

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What happened to WILD ?

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that ship sailed a longggg time ago

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Agreed. Kudos to this lady but online is not a replacement for over the air radio.

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