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Package piracy persists in the pandemic

Boston Police report arresting an alleged package thief hightailing it out of the Mass Pike Towers Thursday morning - as he was being chased by a fed-up resident.

Police report that around 9:50 a.m., officers driving down Marginal Street spotted two guys burst out of the rear of the Mas Pike Towers building at 336 Tremont St.

Officers stopped both parties and conducted an investigation which led to the recovery of a pair of red Nike sneakers which had been taken out of a sealed package in the lobby area. The suspect was placed in custody on scene without incident and has since been arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on charges of Larceny from a Building and Trespassing.

Police did not say if the alleged sneaker thief was wearing any PPE, like the burglar who broke into an apartment at the building last month.



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Congrats to the resident, and BPD. Nice work.

I hope the theft is prosecuted.

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Probably a great deal more than the public is aware of.

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The value of police on patrol. It's the small things like this that make a difference.

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Alliteration: yaaasssss!

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