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Patriots' Day 2020 has been cancelled

The page content will not surprise anyone, yet the headline is still painful to read on the Town of Lexington's website:

Patriots' Day 2020 Has Been Cancelled

That means no Paul Revere's ride, no battle re-enactments, no pancake breakfasts, no parades, no fifes and drums, no vigils, no Dawn Salute at the rude bridge in Concord -- none of it.

List of canceled events

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No Scouts camping and hiking from Acton to Concord either.


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Surely you have a creepy robot horse which can reenact Revere's ride w/o requiring a human? Put the Patriot mascot on the back and off they go, problem solved.

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Shows how important some things have become to us.

An opportunity to find other ways to connect and celebrate.

Love the JP porch project idea, with people coming out onto the street—at safe physical distances—to dance in the streets, do exercises together, and such.

Good health to all!

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The day they'd have a military parade down Tremont Street? I miss that holiday.

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Patriots' Day is mostly on the Battle Road of Arlington, Lexington, Lincoln, and Concord. But it looks like the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company does have a small parade in Boston that day as well. I never knew of it until I looked it up just now.

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I couldn't remember the unit.

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which you may also have encountered, on 'June Day', July 4, and Veterans' Day:

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and she grew up in Arlington and Acton, so there was always no school and a parade on _her day_ !

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Then they moved it off the 19th to a Monday.

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