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Person hit by Orange Line train at Downtown Crossing

The MBTA reports that's why Orange Line trains came to a halt.




Walked by where it happened; the person was an older man lying on the platform being helped by officials. Hopefully the person recovers from his injuries.

The new train was taken out of service, so now there's only the one other new train running.

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You enter the station pay your fair and then you wait for the train on the platform. How does one get hit by a train if you follow this process ?

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Usually it's because of a fall or medical issue that results in a fall.
Once in a rare while you hear the horror story of somebody being pushed or jumping.

Any situation where this could readily occur could be prevented with a glass wall with gates for the train doors to line up against. Those walls also end up resulting in serious energy savings for the system as the stations do not require as much energy to be kept cool in the summer.
Many cities use these in their underground or airport transit systems.

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The walls are expensive and failure prone since you have a 2nd set of doors which need to keep working.

The money would be better used to increase train frequency so the platforms wouldn't get so crowded in the first place.

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The trains would have to pull correctly into the station if these glass walls are built, which they don't do half the time, especially on the Green Line. Don't get me started on pulling all the way up to inactive exits and forcing people from the active exits to walk half the length of the station (I'm talking to Arlington westbound, where the far end has been closed for decades, yet most two cars INSIST on pulling all the way up top there).

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By trying to walk into a train while it is still moving into the station and not waiting for it to stop fiist.

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