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Phantom Gourmet back on air, but with the less vile brother

WBZ reports the restaurant-chatter show is returning to TV, but only with Dan Andelman, not Dave Andelman and with paid advising by former Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson on how to not just be less racist but help support minority-owned businesses.

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Its called 'Pandering Express!"

I think the Andleman comments were vile and the fact he doubled down on them and it was only when the whole enterprise was facing backlash and financial ruin that he uttered a mealy mouth apology. If you read his dad's twitter the same time, it was essentially even less tolerant with no real attempt at hiding it behind jokes.

"We aren't racist we eat at kowloon all the time!!!"

We may live in a blue state, but folks like the Andelmans, and Ernie Boch vote GOP to help their bottom line to enrich themselves. Boch does alot of charity work, which is him trying to buy back his soul which at least shows he has some sense of his mistakes.

I predict Phantom Gourmet will pander / over correct for about a year, then maybe 12-18 months we'll have a special guest of Dave reviewing a place like Red Bones, all arm and arm with black owners and patrons.

Either they should just scrap the show and start with something new, or go back to rating places and not just featuring for pay or grubbing for sponsors.

I will note that when all this went down, I wrote and tweeted to their main sponsors repeatedly and encouraged others to do so. Folks like the Andelmans will do the 'I create tons of jobs and people like Obama put an undue burden for me to provide health care' - boo hoo cry me a river. Don't tell me because you go to a tapas place and have a black cameraman that you know anything about diversity.

Burn it all down, then let them dig themselves out of the ashes.

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He's got a point. Why is medicine tied to employment?

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Health care tied to employment during record unemployment due to a pandemic which is the biggest public health crisis in our lifetimes...

Such a brilliantly designed system.

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Obama didn't create that problem.

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With a two-year Congressional majority. He choked like the Cheeto did.

I'm proud to have rewarded neither man with a vote.

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UH...no. I'd it explain it to you but, we all know why you didn't vote for Obama. Just admit it--your a lot racist, Own your hate.

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...and with paid advising by former Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson on how to not just be less racist but help support minority-owned businesses.

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Wearing an American flag lapel pin is virtue signaling. Informing how to support minority businesses that are often ignored is action.

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When one scam ends, another begins...

And since it's business model nearly amounted to extortion, how exactly does the less-evil of that dynamic duo expect to get this grift back on it's feet?

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Imagine having to pay someone to explain to you how to be less obviously racist. Yikes.

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Yeah, because I'm sure that these two brothers have completely opposite viewpoints.

No thanks. Damage is done. Bye.

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They may be back on the air, but will anyone notice?

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Unbelievable timing to have removed the show. The Covid-19 day and age hurt allot hard working restaurants. This shows does nothing but support and showcase these business's. The time when these business needed Phatom most.. it was removed from the air.. Not right....If we were perfect human beings, we wouldn't be human beings... come on people..

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