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Plans for four-story residential building filed for Hyde Park's Logan Square

1201 River St. rendering

Rendering by VMY Architects.

Two developers have filed plans with the BPDA for a four-story 48-unit apartment in Hyde Park's Logan Square, at 1201 River St., on the block where Dempsey's used to be.

The proposed by Vin Norton of UrbanMeritage and Rob Gatnik of LandWorks calls for 50 parking spaces and ground-floor retail space.

1201 River St. small-project review application (42M PDF).


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"Boring, cookie cutter design"
"Looks great but somewhat unrealistic"
"It's ugly and out of place"
"This is a crime"
"Once again, too much parking and not enough housing"
"Seems like not enough parking"
"That area is suburban and the kind of development you want would be out of character with it."
"More family-oriented units are needed"
"There are too many three bedroom units in Boston"

All actual UHub quotes from past developments (granted, the comments made through neighborhood meetings are a million times worse). I'm not trying to make the case for one way or another -- more "modern" versus "traditional" design, more VS. less parking, small VS large units. I just wish that the rules were just a little bit more straight forward and there was less nitpicking involved in getting housing built in this city. I groan every time I see a new project get publicized and the almost inevitable same arguments we've heard re-hashed over and over.

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