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Police: Man eyes person about to make withdrawal at South Station ATM, grabs the money

Transit Police report arresting a Dedham man on charges he grabbed cash out of the ATM just as somebody was about to withdraw it from the machine at South Station around 3:15 p.m. on Monday.

Police say that officers responding to a report of the theft arrived at South Station just in time to see Michael Kinsella, 29, of Dedham "running out of the station towards Atlantic Avenue and a witness stating to officers Kinsella just robbed someone inside." Officers gave chase and apprehended Kinsella at the corner of Essex and South Street. Officers then located the victim who relayed the following: While withdrawing money from the ATM machine inside South Station Kinsella grabbed the victim's money from the cash dispenser and fled.

Innocent, etc.

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To determine whether he qualifies for income based parking ticket fee reduction...

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South Station has a terminal illness.

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The 2 ATMs next to the main door to South Station (I'm guessing these are the ATMs in question) are not optimal. There is often someone hanging just next to them watching and waiting. And a getaway is easy. I'm surprised I haven't heard more stories like this.

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If your first inclination in a comment is to tell another user to go do something that might be very difficult, try counting to 10 first. And if you still feel like saying that, don't.

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Your place your rules. If you ok with that first comment then I am the problem with civilized discussion. Good luck.

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Without lobbing the F-bomb at a poster in a short comment.

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But not now and not with these trolls you can’t reason with them. It’s tried on here all the time. Why waste your energy when the point is same. Either way your place your rules. Good luck with the romans.

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Nor is running...

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