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Police say the Lamborghini crashers stabbed a man in Cambridge the night before - and had been robbing markets across the area

Cambridge Police report that the three teens who were arrested on charges they stole a pair of Lamborghini SUVs in Wayland and crashed the $225,000 vehicles in Malden on Tuesday are now charged with stabbing a man on Hingham Street in Cambridge Monday night after he saw them jumping on cars and told them to stop.

Police say the three - Elijah McKinney, 18, of Cambridge, Christian Virgile, 18, of Malden and a 17-year-old Cambridge resident too young to have his name released - have now also been charged with both that stabbing and an area-wide robbery spree "targeting gas stations and markets where ATMs, cash registers, and lottery tickets were stolen."

Police say an investigation by police departments that include Cambridge, Medford, Somerville, Melrose, Belmont, Wakefield and Wayland is continuing and that the three will likely face additional charges.

Innocent, etc.



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Does that include the Thistle and Shamrock Market job early last week?

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20 to 25 years for grand theft another 5 years for stomping on cars destruction of property
and 30 to 35 years for attempted murder total 65 years max.

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None of the numbers given are realistic. Somebody is Very excited.

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They finally got to play Bland Theft Auto for real.

I hope their spree doesn’t wreck their lives, financially and scholarly, and also career wise.
Torqued kids.

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...make me think of an '80s punk/ska band?

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I wonder if they had time to commit even more crimes, but it's clear that getting caught is where they truly excel.

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Yeah but don't u think they were'nt even trying to avoid not getting caught? Definitely not normally developed brains. All reason is missing and no concern for consequences.

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With them robbing little corner markets, destroying cars parked on the street by plebeians, and stabbing some average Joe, but HOLY SHIT THEY’RE WRECKING OUR OVERLORD’S LAMBOS?!?! GET OUT THE LEAD BOYS LETS GO GET US SOME VILLAINS!!!
Sad but true, their mistake was going after the rich.

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Unlike robbery suspects or members of a street disturbance, stolen vehicles are much easier for police to find. Even more so when they're two Lambos racing around suburbs.

Plus, one of them was apprehended after the crash. https://www.boston25news.com/news/local/2-lamborghinis-stolen-overnight-...

Maybe, just maybe, this isn't evidence of corrupt or misguided police behavior. Maybe.

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Attn Hollywood this one basically writes itself

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It sounds more like a side story in a mobster movie where some out of control idiots start going on a spree and get handed over to the cops by the mobsters.

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