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The polychromatic turkey of Somerville

Multi-colored turkey

Brad Kelly stopped to admire this turkey in Somerville the other day.

Copyright Brad Kelly. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flicker.

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To small to cook.
I wonder if there's a study linking feather color to flavor?

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Turkeys have been known to take full grown men down to the ground and kick the bejeezus out of them you know... beware.

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the fight is much less fair.

It's hard to know what "acceptable force" is when a turkey is attacking you and you don't actually want to kill it for dinner -- and don't want to leave it alive with serious injuries.

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Came out to find 2 sitting on the hood of my car one day. Turned around and went inside. I said you guys take your time, let me know when you're done.
I'm a city kid. I'm no fool with fowl!

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but the photographer's comment actually justifies it:

« Turkeys are like abstract art »

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All the world's a stage,
And all the toms and hens merely fabulous players....

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that turkeys are actually alien invaders, this is it. That thing is not from planet Earth.

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