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Progress? Boston media cliche has gone from blood-thirsty mobsters to vanilla-nut-tapping construction guys

Two SNL skits with similar themes, characters

Ari Ofsevit noticed certain similarities between this past Saturday's Bill Burr Boston skit on Saturday Night Live and the 2016 Casey Affleck Boston skit on the show - in particular, the guy in the hi-viz jacket who, just like four years ago, winds up getting shoved into some shelving.

Not everybody was pleased.

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But they definitely have some lazy writers.

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These kind of Boston accent skits are getting tired and old now,

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Which is why this never gets old


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  1. Think of one joke
  2. Tell variations on that joke for the entire sketch
  3. Continue the sketch for about 3 minutes longer than it needs to be
  4. If it gets a good reaction, put a variation of it every episode after that until everybody hates it
  5. If you can't think of an actual punchline, throw in a random celebrity cameo and have that be the joke instead.
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Not too lowbrow for me, no sir.

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Their Your Cousin from Boston campaign is the gold standard for how (greater) Bostonians are depicted in media.

Bud, Miller, and Coors forgot how to make beer commercials funny. Sam reminded them.

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Was this before or after they forgot how to make beer?

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In the first place?

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is Bill Burr probably hasn't set foot in MA in like a decade at least.

You'll notice all the big movie/tv/music/comedy stars from MA have done nothing over the past 20 or so years to save venues, rehearsal spaces, clubs or do anything else to support the dying scene that propelled them all to stardom and their millions of dollars. They all live in LA now and could give a shit except to draw from that endless well of cliche for their SNL appearances.
Good times....

You'd think in writing the sketch he would have corrected someone there about Sam Adams being brewed in Boston. Its all brewed in PA and OH.

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Ah, yet again, everything that's in Boston is someone else's fault and someone else's responsibility to fix.

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If you're in Boston and drinking a brand new variety, there's a pretty decent chance it was actually brewed in Boston.

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Having Mikey Day reprise the role from the earlier one clearly shows they are aware of the similarities and that is a nod to it. Honestly, what's the problem here again?

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It's pretty clearly supposed to be a sequel of sorts to the earlier sketch.

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Have these people heard of punching up vs. punching down? This is arguably not very clever, but it's poking fun at white locally born union types -- a group here with a lot of power. It's hardly oppressive or anything.

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Where did anyone claim this was oppressive?

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Reese's Puff? What are you retahded? Go get some Stop & Shop cornflakes in the welfare bin.

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Ah, yet again the Saturday Night Live perspective cuts like a knife?

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