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Protest at Logan as feds try to deport Iranian Northeastern student with a student visa

UPDATE: Removal stayed for 48 hours, although he remains in CBP custody; hearing in federal court tomorrow morning.

Mohammad Shahab Dehghani Hossein Abadi, who got a visa from the State Department a week ago so he could fly her to start as a freshman in an economics program at Northeastern, is now being held at Logan's Terminal E, where Customs and Border Patrol wants to put him on a flight back out of the country.

The ACLU has filed a habeas-corpus request to keep Dehghani, 24, from being put on the next plane out to wherever Customs and Border Patrol plans to send him.


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The woman at the phone towards the end is Susan Church, one of the lawyers involved in the case:

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Maybe Iranians wouldn't be so threatening to us if we had stayed out of their business in the 70's.

Count me as stating on the record that I'm not afraid enough to die at this person's hands to have them removed from the country.

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Iran meddles in everyone’s business. Just say it “Death to America”.

Until we know WHY this man was detained and denied entry, you sound like a partisan hack.

I’ll wait until FACTS are provide to pass judgement.

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Maybe we shouldn't have over thrown their democratic government in 1953 because we were afraid they would make the oil public and deprive Standard Oil of profits.

I vote for putting objectors in jail and allowing students who have already passed the background checks in school.

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It's not the 1970s that Iran is annoyed at the US for. It's the 1950s.

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(and I've met quite a few) who wasn't warm, kind, and generous. (Sure, this is purely anecdotal) but be they doctors, landlords, neighbors, they've been from all walks of life and economic status and have been nothing but remarkably wonderful people.

Republicans on the other hand...

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Was this one of the tens of millions of Iranians reportedly shouting "Death to America" after President Trump neutralized incredibly brave, inspirational military leader brutal terrorist Qasem Soleimani? The media told us that most of Iran was outraged and World War III was imminent, practically rooting for Iran. Pay no attention to Iran's fireworks display that fell well short of a backyard Fourth of July party, never mind a world war.

Although those who follow this stuff know the media is being intentionally misleading and many Iranians love America, the media reports of widespread hatred of the USA are certainly enough to proceed with caution on any sudden travel. After all, the student only got around to obtaining a visa a week ago, during his country's latest threat to ours. If the media is correct and most Iranians are hostile, a very thorough vetting is required if travel from Iran is allowed at all. Recall that student visas were crucial to the terrorist attacks on 9/11, so we can never be too careful with this. Great job by ICE for keeping us safe.

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Until proven innocent, eh, Fishy?

Maybe you *were* a cop after all!

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Dehghani was admitted to Northeastern for the 2018-2019 academic year and submitted his visa application in 2018. After a background check that took nearly a year, the State Department issued Dehghani a student visa last week, the petition says.

- https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/01/21/metro/iranian-student-removed-us-before-court-hearing-lawyer-says/

Really, it's a lot more like we spent a year vetting this kid and told him it was okay to come in and then ICE decided to kick him out as soon as he got here because we're currently mad at the country he's from. So yeah, great job by ICE keeping us safe from...uh...people we already decided are not a threat.

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After all, the student only got around to obtaining a visa a week ago, during his country's latest threat to ours.

If you actually read the links Adam so helpfully posted, you might have learned something about the actual issue:

18. Plaintiff submitted his application for a student visa in 2018.
19. As part of the visa adjudication process, Plaintiff attended an in-person interview at a
U.S. Consulate.
20. In addition, the State Department subjected Plaintiff’s application to full review,
screening, and security checks.
21. After nearly one year of “administrative processing,” the State Department issued
Plaintiff a student visa approximately one week ago.

The better question is why did the State Department approve his visa a week ago ("during his country's latest threat to ours") if he's such a threat to the country? And why aren't you interested in actual due process to figure out if he's actually a threat or not?

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The recent approval is the crazy part. Why approve him in the middle of the crisis? These people have to pay thousands of dollars for the deportation flight. Why would they wait until he was here to revoke the visa? That is the real question. The state department approves a visa that CBP would seemingly automatically revoke.

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Why ask why?

It's pretty clear this administration doesn't know what end is doing what. Not surprising they did this... not at all.

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You still believe that Rumsfeld-Cheney propaganda about Muslims in New Jersey cheering 9/11, don't you?

What a willfully ignorant, dogwhistling idiot you are.

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Did CBP give a reason for the deportation?

Besides him being Iranian that is.

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