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A protest we could support

Protesting Ken Harrelson's trade

On April 19, 1969, the Red Sox stunned fans by trading Ken "The Hawk" Harrelson to the Indians, less than two years after they'd acquired him to replace the injured Tony Conigliaro and the year after he'd made the All-Star team and led the league in RBIs.

Three days later, fans marched outside Fenway Park in protest.

Protesting the sale of Ken Harrelson

Photos from the BPL Brearley Collection of Boston press photography. Posted under this Creative Commons license.

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He have a brother on the team? I got a Carl Yastrzemski card in my bread back then.
His friends called him Yaz.

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i remeber that. those were the days......

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When protests in Boston were more contagious than the virus.

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Love those cars!

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