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Red Line riders know the drill: Signal problems cause standstill

Jammed Red Line station

Jam and cram at Park Street around 5:30 p.m. Photo by Cam DC.

The T reports Red Line delays of 10 minutes due to signal problems near Harvard - which is better than the 30-minute delays they were causing at the height of rush hour.

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Want to put in congestion pricing for Boston...

Yes, let's overload the T and traffic will go away! (that is, the traffic of poorer people. Those politicians and their wealthy friends won't even blink an eye at the daily cost.)

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How about congestion pricing for the T?

Every time your train stops in the tunnel, everyone on board has to pay $5. Never mind that the problem is a useless signal system that chokes on 13 trains per hour, when real subway systems easily handle 25 or more.

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Has anyone stopped to think how this affects them? Their families? Their job performance?There state of mind? I'm only looking for facts. I know Google has a neverending number of links on the effects of daily commuting woes on society, but let's get out and do an in depth personal study on the MBTA's excellent job of fucking up people's lives. All incomes, all ages, mothers l, fathers, caregivers, workers of all shifts, etc.

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But the Blue Line had a minor meltdown during rush hour Tuesday.

And by minor, I mean after over 20 minutes of not being able to get on a train at Maverick due to signal problems and subsequent overcrowded trains, I said screw it and went back home to work remotely. And used my walk back to think about how lucky I was that I could do that, while many others in the neighborhood can’t.

Including my wife, who was at the station even before me, and didn’t get on a train until I had almost made it back home.

The silver lining is that I get MBTA surveys, and happened to get sent one that afternoon. I teed off on them so hard it triggered their system to open a customer service incident. Not that anything will come from it, but message sent.

And even if I had made it across the harbor, I would have been SOL when I hit the Red Line.

Then this happens just in time for the evening rush the next day. I caught the alert at the “10-minute delays” part and knew it would be a mess. I opted to just say screw it and walk from near Broadway to the Aquarium, via the Seaport...made the right call.

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Make sure these pix get sent to Charlie Baker!

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The rest of the Commonwealth who doesn’t use the T doesn’t care. World class my ass

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the rest of the commonwealth should care since the greater boston area subsidizes their existence.

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Do you actually think Charlie Baker gives 2 shits about Tweets about how bad the MBTA is CORRUPT? We already know the tweets. We already know how corrupt the MBTA is.

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This is why the T shouldnt be supervised by the state. We all know most of the legislators west of here don't care and don't want to pay for upgrades.

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