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River fording

Deer in the Charles River

Mary Ellen captured a deer family wading into the low waters of the Charles River between Millennium and Cutler parks this morning.



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Thanks for sharing (you, too, Adam.)

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That’s just so adorbs Magoo can’t stands it! Magoo.

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Thank you, Mary Ellen, your shared photography is a true respite and fuel for our souls and spirits during this "New" normal.

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Because of Mary Ellen's photos, we are going to go canoeing at Millenium Park for the first time tomorrow.

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I agree. Maryellen you are an asset to UHub. Adam I respectfully request that right after you notify us of depressing news that affects our health and safety which I depend on you for, you get Maryellen to quickly help me with my depression.

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look at that Hart (archaic word for deer) ford!

Yes that IS where the name Hartford for Hartford CT came from.

Thai is why the logo for “The Hartford” insurance company is a deer/stag.

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Be prepared to ground your canoe.
Stand proud.

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This is so beautiful! Mary--if you ever feel like donating some photographs, we'd happily take them at Charles River Watershed Association :)

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