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Road behind Brigham and Women's shut for use by several dozen people coming in for coronavirus testing

Shattuck Street, a narrow street behind Brigham and Women's Hospital's main building, has been shut to allow for a temporary receiving area for as many as 60 people, likely from that Marriott Long Wharf meeting held last week by Cambridge's Biogen, to be tested for possible Covid-19 infection.

Both the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School sent memos to students and staff this afternoon.

The Harvard Medical School memo reads:

Please be advised that travel on Shattuck Street and area construction has been halted to accommodate parking at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

This is to accommodate a temporary receiving area that is being set up in the Brigham and Women's Hospital ambulance bay located off Shattuck Street. BWH is accommodating attendees from a conference at a local Boston hotel who are en route to the hospital to be evaluated for coronavirus-like symptoms.

Earlier today, city and state officials said they had identified eight people - three from Boston, two from Norfolk County and three from out of state - with apparent Covid-19 infection contracted at a Biogen employee meeting at the Marriott Long Wharf last week.

The Harvard T.H. Chan memo adds:

BWH has the situation under control, but please avoid that area the rest of the day.




When we only had to worry about a massive sewage back-up flooding the Barking Crab (nope, never went back)

Or an errant late nite party-goer falling in the water....

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Acc to BPD-connected source

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nothing on line yet about it. Isn't Pax over?

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It was people at the Marriott Long Wharf who attended that Biogen meeting last week.

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I thought these were employees who worked during the conference more than attendees (who have all gone home, right?).

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Thanks, Biogen! I hope this was a meeting about COVID-19.

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The genie is out of the bottle.

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Speaking of shutting down streets, if they are actually interested in saving lives they would permanently shut down streets to cars in all pedestrian heavy areas. Twelve or so Americans dead from this virus, 35000 dead from car crashes every year. Many more dead from toxic auto emissions. Yet what gets the headlines and taxpayer money?

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it's getting old.

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Until today when it was revealed the true event was in Boston, not Cambridge, and was at a high traffic location, not a place like company HQ.
Many of those attendees went to Starbucks, the north end, Faneuil hall.
When will we get info re the movements of the infected so folks can make intelligent assessments of whether they have a common cold or something else?

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It was the exact location that was announced today.

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