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Roche Bros. to close on both Easter and the day after to give workers a breather

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Roche Bros. announced today that in addition to closing its stores on Easter Sunday, like it always does, this year it will keep them closed the next day as well, to give a bit of an extra break to workers, some of whom have been foregoing some of their normal time off, so they can "rest and decompress from the daily toll this has put on everyone."

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I hope more stores consider this. If it's a universal message it would be an easy one to send. A universal, universal services outside of emergency stuff off.

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How about all businesses closing on Sunday for a while? (Maybe some gas stations stay open?)

Once upon a time, that was considered normal. And we lived.

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And some workers like the OT and hours.

Some people work Monday thru Saturday and can only go on Sunday.

Let the market decide how businesses want to operate within the law.

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"And some workers like the OT and hours."

I hear this all the time, yet I don't witness this as a retail worker. My store is ALWAYS looking to hire people who will work weekends (when they were hiring, they are closed for the duration). Applicants who say they will work weekends get hired, then, after awhile, they start requesting the weekend off, or just call in sick.

Those of us who do show up to work Sat and Sun, right off the bat ask "how many are out?", "how many have been called (to come in)?" "any coming in?". We dread weekends knowing that it will be rough, if not brutal.

M-F day and evening shifts attendance is fairly reliable. Weekends (including Sunday), fairly unreliable.

And this isn't just true of my store. Retail workers in nearby stores tend to recognize each other and talk about their stores. Other stores have the same problem.

The only reason we can think of for this, is that the vast majority of workers work M-F and so spend Sat and Sun with their friends an family. Store workers want to spend time with their family and friends too. Thus really hard to get store workers to work Sat and Sun.

"Some people work Monday thru Saturday and can only go on Sunday."

Don't know who such workers might be. I know a lot of people who have 2, even 3 jobs. Thus, their day off is usually a weekday which is when they shop. And/or they shop in the evening.

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But I was more specifically talking about this month. People’s spouses and family members have lost jobs, others like myself work 6-7 days a week (Sunday’s are random). But it is an industry that is thriving and once safety concerns are taken care of, the opportunity to make money in hard times is there. Unfortunately it seems like a job that is still looked down upon, even this month. (Disclosure my first job was working at the Kmart in Brighton, and I never wanted any OT because I hated the job and the pay sucked, so I do see where you are coming from again)

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That was my big shock. I hadn't realized that our society had become so class-conscious.

When friends and family, and strangers, find out I'm a retail worker, they get really uncomfortable. Like they don't know how to talk with me or interact with me. Normally works.

Our society has actually become class-abusive. It is truly appalling how many people will verbally and physically abuse store workers (physically like throwing things at them or physically intimidating them). Yea, I can days of work without witnessing such an incident, but it would be nice to go just a couple weeks without it.

Stay safe

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I work with a variety of career development programs (for schools, adult education, etc.) and have a lot of respect for retail work, and convey that in everything I write and talk about. Retail workers provide a blend of technical knowledge with sales & customer service -- a very creative role that helps a lot of people. Personally, I can describe lots of conversations where someone really helped me, in a grocery store, hardware store, etc., to figure stuff out. I am sad when I'm reminded that class bias affects the way any worker is treated.

(And yay to Sundays off! I love shopping at Roche Brothers and the staff there are great.

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Let the market handle it... lol Look around yourself! The market? Companies have been forced to be closed. Revere Beach restaurants were told not to do take out anymore only delivery. Theres no parking all over the place now. Marijuana Dispenaries are closed as are many other stores. Business after business has been compelled to bend to this trajectory.

These workers are dropping like flies. Some are just quiting , others are getting sick, they are all worn out. I think the least we can do is put the brakes on EVERYTHING that we can for one day a week for a month or so to let people recharge. It would also give those who absolutely can not take the time off some relief as they would only really have to worry about the emergencies and not the other random stuff happening outside

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Grew up in NH. We always had to work on Sundays. Not saying it was good or bad, but I needed the money.

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aka Pasquetta ("little Easter") is a big holiday in some parts of the world.


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