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Room for one more Southie packie, board decides

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday granted a beer-and-wine license to Jamie's Variety, 113 H St., which means senior citizens living across the street will soon no longer have to risk life and limb up on Broadway just to buy some beer or wine.

At a hearing Wednesday, some residents were joined by aides to city councilors Michael Flaherty and Annissa Essaibi George argued South Boston already has enough places to buy alcohol and agreed with residents who said allowing the corner store to sell the stuff would exacerbate parking woes at that corner.

But the mayor's office and other residents argued Jamie's owner was a good community kind of guy, that seniors deserved a safer place to procure alcohol and that all of South Boston already has parking woes, so there's nothing special about that corner.

The board set one condition on Jamie's, which owner Indravadan Patel had agreed to at the hearing: No sales of single bottles of beer.



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