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In Roslindale, a memorial

Mark Bavis Square in Roslindale

Mark Bavis Square.

Among the thousands who died at the World Trade Center on 9/11 was Mark Bavis, a Roslindale native and a passenger on United Flight 175.

Bavis, 31, grew up on Alpheus Road, where the intersection of Alpheus and Weeks Avenue is officially Mark Bavis Square and where, today, a marker was joined by a memorial plant and flags.

Bavis played hockey at Catholic Memorial and Boston University - where one of his teammates was his twin brother, Mike. After several years in hockey minor leagues, he became a coach, for both college and youth teams. At the time of his death, he was a scout for the Los Angeles Kings - he was flying to Los Angeles with his boss, Garnet Bailey, who also died that morning.

Today, the Mark Bavis Leadership Foundation, which his family and friends started after his death, provides scholarships to Massachusetts students.

In 2011, Mike Bavis recalled the loss of his brother. A one-time rival at BC also recalls Bavis.

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He was a decent guy. Good family.

Interestingly, they were the last estate to settle their wrongful death suit. I would see his mother from time to time. They never trusted that they were getting the whole story.

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Corner of Wellsmere Street and Wellsmere Terrace, off Washington in Roslindale. He was from Roslindale, went to NYC and joined the Fire Dept. Died in the Tower collapses. I'm glad we have these reminders. We need to keep these events fresh in our minds. Peace and love to all the families, first responders, those who survived, and to the service men and women (and their families) who played a roll in the conflicts that followed.

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Some of as widows will never get over it. I hate this day.

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