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School Committee agrees to hand over Columbia Point school field to new boys and girls club facility

The Boston School Committee narrowly voted last night to cede what is now a McCormack School field to a new Boys and Girls Club field house.

Katie Mallon reports members Michael Loconto, Michael O'Neill and Alexandra Oliver-Davila voted for the controversial handover, members Lorna Rivera and Jeri Robinson voted against and members Hardin Coleman and Quoc Tran abstained.


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Whenever Stephen Lynch (board of Dorchester B&G Club) and Rob Consalvo (BPS) are involved, expect no good to come of it.

When the McCormack Middle School completes its transition to a 7-12 school, its kids aren't going to need those athletic fields, right? Let's just hand them over to some poitically-connected private entity.


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Semi-privatization of a public good to benefit a connected 'non-profit'. Like the convention center heist, Long Island farm, etc...

Marty will always be a weasel who mostly cares about benefiting insiders and allies.

So Consalvo works for BPS, but wants a different job so will happily fuck over BPS kids to hook up supporters in his election bid? Sounds like Rob.

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I have more convinced in the Boys& Girls Club of Dorchester than the BPS . The Club already agreed the McCormack / Dever could use the space . What’s the problem?

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I recently moved and the city for some reason has my new place in the wrong precinct which results in me being in the wrong congressional district as well.

I actually have the Elections Division trying to sort out the problem, but the silver lining is that in the meantime I get to vote against Stephen Lynch.

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Take a stand or get out.

As for Michael Loconto, Michael O'Neill and Alexandra Oliver-Davila, guess we know their loyalties certainly aren't with their own BPS students.

Pre-pandemic the plan was to merge McCormack with Boston Leadership Academy in a teacher powered school. Guess that wasn't palpable to the gang of three.

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Everything about this is just so wrong. A land grab in the middle of a pandemic? Damn. Also, 3 of the 7 school committee members voted yes and it still passes? I get the rules for counting votes and abstentions and all that, but that just doesn't seem right. This is what you get when the mayor appoints all the members of the school committee.

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