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Short street in Roslindale Square shut in preparation for outdoor dining

Roslindale Village Main Street announced this morning that the short section of Birch Street between Corinth Street and Belgrade Avenue was shut this morning to get it ready for patio seating for the restaurants along Birch and Corinth streets.

The city had planned to shut that part of the street to cars permanently this year to create a new pedestrian plaza, but that work had been postponed due to Covid-19 issues.

The temporary seating area will most directly benefit Birch Street Bistro, Sophia's Grotto, Village Sushi and Grill and Distraction Brewing. The first three already share a small courtyard off Birch Street.



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Oh hell yeah. I dig the vanilla porter Distraction makes.

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Roslindale will be turned into one big “parklet.”

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You say that like it's a problem.

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Happy to hear that the street will be shut down to allow for more outdoor seating... that makes total sense and hope to see this happening throughout the city. People want to eat out again and this is the safest option to do so.

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