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Smashup on the Zakim

Car crash on the Zakim Bridge

Photo by State Police.

State Police report a crash on the Zakim Bridge into town tonight involved several vehicles and caused some injuries not considered life-threatening.

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Those darn bike lane separators caused the cars to crash I bet! Wait there isn’t a bike lane on that bridge?! Well umm who do drivers blame this on? Obama. Let’s just say Obama.

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What’s the name of this logical fallacy?

“Bike lane separators can’t be dangerous. Look, here’s a crash that occurred where there aren’t any bike lane separators!”

There probably weren’t any lawn darts or cigarettes here either, but that doesn’t let them off the hook.

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Like the fast and furious crowd is mixing with people who don't know where they are going, slow erratic drivers, and people who just suddenly exit right from the left lane.

And nobody in between.

I had to wonder last night if there was a zombie event going on given how many drivers were doing things like stopping in the middle of the road while deciding if they were going to turn or not, and driving 10mph in a 30mph zone with their left signal on for a half mile. I tried to make a left turn to find someone thought that the road was one way and was waiting for their left turn signal on the wrong side of the road.

Take care, all - way too much slow crazy, random crazy, and just crazy out there on the roads!

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Is it out-of-town visitors here for the holidays, against official recommendations and better judgement?

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It's probably the usual mix:
* Very new drivers
* Very old drivers
* Very drunk drivers
* Cellphone addicts
* People In A Hurry
* The lost
* Everybody else

The mix is constantly changing, with different concentrations of the components arising all the time. Sometimes the results are sanguinary; often they are not.

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Traffic volume has been low overall, but people who used to drive daily, are healthy enough to work full time, and know their routes (usually the safest drivers) just aren't there.

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trying to get their weird in before it’s over.

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This is probably from the fact that people have been hauling ass on the roads since the lockdown. The driving I've seen has been beyond ridiculous, and seemingly no enforcement.

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brought out and emboldened lots and lots of irresponsible people. Even people who purported to despise Donald Trump have been emboldened by that son of a bitch.

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