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Social distancing now in full effect on the T

Not many people on the Red Line this morning

Sarah Marina snapped her Red Line car at 8:52 this morning. Riders social distancing themselves were, of course, aided by riders who are now just staying home.

There was an amazing scene on the Southeast Expressway during yesterday afternoon's rush hour, too.



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But isn't that just basic etiquette? That is respecting others personal space by leaving an empty seat next to the person next to you whenever possible. Personally I find it creepy when someone insists on sitting right next to me when there's a whole row of empty seats.


At 8:52 a.m. on a weekday, the Red Line is normally pretty packed.


my train from Alewife (left the station around 7:30) is normally without free seats by the time we get to harvard. this morning there were free seats all the way to park street. yesterday wasn't as dramatic, but was also noticeably less crowded.

Not sure exactly what that says about the socio-geography of the city and who has the option of working from home and who doesn't, but I was surprised - it wasn't packed but it certainly was nothing like this...


How long was the gap since the previous train?

I arrived at Wellington yesterday about 7:30 and parked closer than I ever have.

Is also not for the poor. Buses are.

The poor can't tele-commute: bathrooms can't be cleaned virtually, and so forth. You're able to park closer because many of those who can tele-commute are staying away.

The photo is from 8:52. I got on the Red Line at about 8:00. It was definitely less busy than usual, and has been all week, but not like this. Almost all of the seats were full.

The green line at 6 am this morning was just as busy as usual. And around 3 pm was more crowded than average (but at that time of day is very dependent on the train spacing).

Social Distancing and station closures have led to a decease in crime.The MBTA PR propaganda machine cranks out the latest good news and credits the patrol plan as the reason for the low numbers.

Removing all those students makes a noticeable impact. Auto traffic has seemed lighter this week, even on Monday when some things were still not cancelled.

...if they could push up some of the upcoming rail and road improvement and repair projects while demand and usage are lower? I'm sure it's quite impossible, but that would be a silver lining in a cloudy situation (as long as workers wouldn't be put at added risk, of course).